I am currently a Sr. Research Fellow (SRF) at the School of Technology and Computer Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, where I am working with Prof. Piyush Srivastava.

Prior to TIFR, I was a Project Associate and a Masters student at the Dept. of Computer Science and Automation (CSA) , Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, under the guidance of Prof. Arnab Bhattacharyya.

My research interests include algorithms and complexity, high-dimensional probability and statistics, and theoretical machine learning. I am particularly excited about understanding the computational and information theoretic limits for problems that arise in real world scenarios.


  • Online Single Source Ride Sharing [pdf]
    M.E. Project, Indian Institute of Science
Period Qualification/Degree Institution
2014 – 2016 M.E. (CSE) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
2008 – 2012 B.E. (EEE) Government College of Technology, Coimbatore

Courses taken at IISc

  1. E0 225: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Aug 2014)
  2. E0 228: Combinatorics (Aug 2014)
  3. E0 219: Linear Algebra (Aug 2014)
  4. E0 261: Database Management Systems (Aug 2014)
  5. E0 249: Approximation Algorithms (Jan 2015)
  6. E1 254: Game Theory (Jan 2015)
  7. E0 309: Topics in Complexity Theory (Jan 2015)
  8. E0 224: Computational Complexity Theory (Aug 2015)
  9. E1 234: Introduction to Randomized Algorithms (Jan 2016)
  10. E0 255: Compiler Design (Jan 2016)

Teaching Assistantships

Mailing Address

Saravanan Kandasamy
C211 - School of Technology and Computer Science
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Homi Bhabha Road
Mumbai 400005, INDIA


saravanan (dot) kandasamy (at) tifr (dot) res (dot) in

saravan (dot) tuty (at) gmail (dot) com